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THE BARN [a brief history]


"There's no strangers, just friends you haven't met"

Foxy's, our predecessor - 1969



It was 51 Years ago on , April 16, 1970, that the Boardy Barn first opened it's doors to the public and began a tradition that is STILL GOING STRONG!   Same building... same owners... same GREAT FUN!!


April 16, 1970 was a Thursday.   That night the band was "Four in the Morning", but ironically, the Boardy Barn had to close at 2:00AM on its first night because county law back then said that bars had to close at 2AM instead of the current 4AM.


Beer was inexpensive and sold in glass mugs!!!  ... and you could buy pitchers of it back then, too!!!   The original bars were the two inside... the infamous "Square Bar" and the "Moose Bar" (the bar next to the dance floor that has gone by a few names ("Olde Towne Bar" and "Malt Shop Bar") to name a few.  Incidentally, the dance floor back then was concrete and not sunken as it is now.


The Boardy Barn also sold real food (not just pretzels, and hot dogs as now) back then. You could have ordered the BEST hamburger (cooked by the great "Dollar Bill") that you ever tasted.. with fries!  We also sold Knockwurst!!  Tommy Holoquist was there and worked the Knockwurst stand in those early years.  


Rumor has it that "Big Dave" was eating there one night shortly after the Barn first opened its doors, minding his own business when two guys started an argument near "Big Dave" and interrupted his meal.  "Big Dave" asked them to kindly stop, but they didn't.  "Big Dave" then effortlessly picked the guys up with ease and carried them out.   "Big Dave" was offered a job on the spot!  And... the tradition of "Big Dave" carries on to this day!!




"What a long strange trip it's been!"


We're gonna pour our hearts out on this page, eventually.  


Have any stories you'd like to share? Maybe we'll even publish them here - contact us by email and we'll be in touch soon!

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