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Even though the Barn has been sold... we left this page up for memories.


Draft Beer - 16 oz


Our most popular order. Your grandma drank it, your dad drank it, and you  should too!

Our options are:


-Bud Light

Remeber to NEVER Drink and Drive
Always Drink Responsablily 


$8 can

Crisp, bubbly, light and refreshing.   Crack open one of these and taste the summer!

Our options are:

- Bud Light Seltzer

- Cacti  Strawberry


Mixed Drinks  


Nothing like getting the party started with   a Jack and Coke!

We have a full bar which includes:

- Vodka

- Tequila

- Whiskey

- Gin

and many more options!



Everybody's  favorite thing to order,... then immediatly wish they didn't! 

We highly recommend the house favorite Green Tea Shot!


World Famous Barn Dog


They say their are two type of Barn patrons, ones that go straight  to the bar when the enter and ones that go straight to the dog house.  Which one are you?

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