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Even though the Barn has been sold, we thought we would leave this page up for the memories...   Keep a Good Thought!


Valid identification is a MUST. No exceptions.
"Toss a beer you are outa here!"  No joke!

ID Rules are governed by York State Alcohol-Beverage Law:

Age 21 and over only (no exceptions)

NOTE:  We are not "mind readers" and can't tell a person's age by just looking at him/her, so we will check ALL ID's, regardless of your perceived age.

The following are the ONLY four (4) types of ID accepted:   

  • Valid (not expired) any USA state issued photo drivers license.  

  • Valid (not expired) any USA state Dept of Motor Vehicle issued non-driver photo ID.

  • Valid (not expired) photo USA only military ID.

  • Valid (not expired) photo passport (any country).



We do NOT accept driver licenses from non-USA countries.

If you are an International guest, you MUST have your valid Passport.


TEMPORARY USA Driver Licenses from states other than New York are NOT accepted.

    New York State Temporary (paper) driver license MUST: 

1) be accompanied by a photo ID (the expired license, or your passport), and

2) be issued from the DMV itself (printouts from home computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc., are *NOT* acceptable; nor is the printout from the DMV self serve KIOSK), so.. in other words, if you want to come to the Barn, do NOT renew your license online, please visit your nearest DMV... unless you are willing to wait the 2 to 4 weeks for your REAL license to come in the mail.  The Boardy Barn will *NOT* accept printouts from home/work computers nor from the kiosk.  LOOK CAREFULLY at your temporary license, if it says "Not Valid for ID purposes" (Or something similar) then you will NOT be admitted into the Barn.


We will not accept any expired ID's. Never ever.

The Boardy Barn is VERY serious about ID's.  


If you don't have one of the above, you will not get in. Period.  We do NOT accept any other form of ID. Just the four types above.

This may sound kind of funny but we mean it.  Imagine being on the receiving end of a flying cup of suds - it's surprising and aggravating!  You all know someone who has been escorted out of the barn for this infraction, so please don't be that guy or gal.


Flying beer picture courtesy of

Please, no orange shirts.

Our staff wears orange shirts so it would be really confusing if you all wore orange too!

"Courtesy is contagious."

Please be kind to everyone you encounter on your trip to The Barn, while you are at The Barn, as you leave The Barn, when you grab a bite to eat after The Barn, the day after The Barn, and each day in between your visits to The Barn.


Sounds good? Mmmkay? Mmmkay.

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